In-depth Post #5 – AJ

‘How to Have a Beautiful Mind’ chapter 8 – The Six Hats

This concept by De Bono suggests that an argument can be represented by six different colors. Although there was not nor has there ever really been an argument in a meeting between me and my mentor, there were situations that that involved the black, yellow, and a little bit of the green hat for problem solving:


Mentor: Can you show me what you are seeing right now?

AJ: Yes, let me see if I can share my screen.

Mentor: Ah, ok. Have you installed Node yet?

AJ: No, I will finish setting it up right now.

Mentor: Okay, type “control.log(‘Hello World!’)”, and name the new file “HelloWorld.js” once Node is ready.

AJ: It’s taken me to a new window now, it looks like it is downlowding something on to my computer.

Mentor: Yes, that is Node installing some extra tools to your computer. It’s not very important right now, but while that is running in the background, why don’t you tell me what you have done with Do you find it better than past resources?

AJ: For sure, I can already tell that these lessons are teaching me important things that Khan wasn’t focussing on. The basics that are crucial to learn before moving on too deep with anything else. I have gone up to functions so far, and I really like how they put you in a situation based on the content of that chapter; it keeps consistency.



The last meeting, we decided that the tools that I have been using such as Khan Academy were a little too specific, and I needed to have something that taught me more basic JavaScript, that could then be applied to more narrow uses later on.

This meeting, we discussed how I was feeling with the new resources, and helping with setting up a new program called Node, in order to run the code that is written in VS Code. It took a little bit of improvisation from how originally explained it, because our different computers set it up differently.

We knew that this one was probably going to be a shorter meet up, as it was just to get everything working and talk about what I have found over the past week. I plan to continue on with as long as it goes, and by then we can talk about some more advanced tutorials, or possibly shifting gears back into animation.

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