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JavaScript Final Project

Below is the link to my PowerPoint briefly explaining my In-depth project this year. If you want to just look at the project linked below then that is cool too.

In-Depth Final PowerPoint.pptx

Download this file to see my project, and it should open in your browser (doesn’t work on mobile).


Remember it would be much appreciated to leave a comment with feedback, or if something doesn’t work, please let me know as well. Thank you!

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12 thoughts on “Final In-depth Blog Post

  1. Thanks for sharing our powerpoint project overview. What was the most challenging about coding for the stopwatch? Why?

    • The most challenging part was once it was finished, there is almost always at least one thing that doesn’t work, and I had to figure out what needed to be fixed. I was assisted by my mentor because most of the time he can notice almost right away when something is off.

  2. Cool project, AJ! The stopwatch is a useful invention and your slideshow is informative and fun to watch. What inspired the cool font choice for the stopwatch?

    • Hey Bana, thanks for watching! The font for the numbers is Impact, and it was one of the first fonts that came up, but I think it looks cool too.

  3. Hi AJ, I really like your stopwatch! I think it’s so cool that you coded that! I might be using it from now on on my laptop. Was it hard to make, were there a lot of frustrations?

    • Hello Anita, thanks for the feedback! There were plenty of tutorials on the internet so it wasn’t that bad. I wouldn’t suggest using this for anything other than for fun though, lol.

  4. Hey AJ!
    Very cool! I couldn’t even begin to process how you would code your stopwatch! I love how you included your thought process and steps in your Powerpoint. Is there anything in the future that you want to try coding?
    Congrats on the awesome project!

    • Hey Kalayla, thanks for the feedback! I might try coding games in the future, but I prefer doing little things like this. You’ll be able to see a little bit of what went into it on Thursday.

  5. Super cool project! Coding is not easy so learning so much in such a short time is amazing! Enjoy the rest of In-Depth!

  6. Thanks AJ for that very clear and organized PPT to outline your learning! When you tested your stopwatch and it had kinks that needed working out…what was usually the issue? Now that you have some transferable are these skills! Thanks!

    • Hello Mrs. Quach, to answer your question: Most of the time it was just me forgetting to add something, or at first not realizing it was necessary for it to work. Hope that makes sense. The last step of In-depth for me has been thinking about what I can use this general understanding for, and whether I wish to go deeper. 5 months is not nearly enough time to learn this skill if I wanted to become fluent eventually. Thank you for the comment!

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