Introductory Blog Post Reflection

After sharing my eminent introduction with theĀ Avengers:

Reading through my group’s first blog posts let me get an idea of what kinds of projects my classmates were doing, and I was able to compare grade nines with tens. As I expected, there was a lot of variety in the people that we chose, and I think that is better than being in a group with five other sports-related projects. This made the process of giving and receiving feedback much more interesting. I also believe that we all came out of this process with enough experience and knowledge to improve our future blog posts. Not only do we each receive five unique responses on the posts, but getting an idea of where other people are going with their project is going to help us plan for our own as well.

My peers’ blog posts were all around really well done, and I was especially impressed with the level of creativity in the grade nines who have most likely never done something like this before. I fully expect to be learning just as much useful information from them as the other grade tens throughout this project. Overall, exchanging feedback peer-to-peer adds an extra level of guidance that is not given by a simple mark, and I hope that everyone is just as supportive when doing this in the future.


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