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Month: April 2022

The Park of Thieves

The Park of Thieves

For the last month and a bit, my lit circle group has been reading The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. For our cumulative project, we created a theme park for our book. My main contribution to this project consisted of drawing three character sketches and writing a paragraph about each character that drew. When I was drawing my character sketches I tried making them as specific to the characters as possible. For example, I drew Liesel holding a book and I drew Hans playing an accordion and smoking a cigarette. In the paragraphs, I described each character’s personality and as result how they would interact with the visitor’s at the park. When writing these paragraphs I considered different events in the book to validate the way they would act. Additionally, I added small details about the characters into the paragraphs to make them seem more personal to the character. Once I drew my sketches and wrote my paragraphs, I inserted my work into a shared canva brochure. I helped with the formatting process of the brochure and helped make the page of the brochure that discussed the different passes of The Park of Thieves. Lastly, I came up with the name to our park.

During our meetings I helped my group members brainstorm ideas for their work (ex. ride names, merch ideas, show ideas). I made sure to share as many updates with my team members to keep them up to track with everything. Overall, I think our project was quite successful.

Link to brochure.

Below you can find the sketches that I made.

Liesel Meminger

Max Vandenburg

Hans Hubermann

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