In-Depth Project: Introductory Post

Hello! In this post I’ll be discussing my In-Depth Project! This post will be answering the following questions/points (the main elements of my contract): what, when, why and how, mentor, process, timeline, and what others can do to help/what I still need. In short, an introduction!

What my chosen skill is.

My chosen skill is: basket-weaving. Basket-weaving is a skill that can be traced all the way back to prehistoric times, so there are many styles and materials to choose from.

I first learned that basket-weaving existed as a skill when I had an idea once to use some scrap yarn I had to weave some sort of a basket. When I went online and searched, I found that basket-weaving was a whole entire skill by itself and it’s been on my wish-list of skills ever since. (I didn’t end up making a basket out of the scrap yarn, but I did make one out of newspaper!)


I will be starting after my first meeting with my mentor, which will be in a few days at most, and this project will be lasting five months.

Why have you chosen to learn this skill? 

I have chosen to learn basket-weaving because I have always wanted to do so, but never really invested the time to start, so I figured this project would be a perfect chance to do so!

The fact that basket-weaving is such an important, long-lasting skill in so many cultures also appeals to me. I also really like the look of woven baskets, and am intrigued by all the patterns one can weave! I am very excited to learn how to do some of them.

Personally, I am also someone who likes weaving, or pattern-related concepts. For example, I’m also into knitting. I thought basket-weaving would be a very exciting version of weaving to learn, and I daresay I am very passionate going into this!

How are you going to learn this skill?

This is a really important question which I will address as best as I can:

  1. Through my mentor

In our communications so far, with the appreciated aid of Mr. G, my mentor has volunteered to donate me enough supplies to weave one basket! So, if we can carry on with this plan, I will learn how to weave my first basket, from my mentor.

  1. Through books and similar media

I have a book called ‘Baskets’ with an array of super exciting projects, and I think that’s where I’ll continue if that’s okay with my mentor.

3. Online and mentor again

My ‘vision’ of my learning process is that occasionally, I’ll get sidetracked from following the book, or I’ll need some help, which I’ll find on the internet and through my mentor. I’ll search up my issue or contact my mentor with a question.

What can others do to help you? 

Encourage me to keep engaged…I may or may not lose interest over time, but I know now that I am interested. So…others can help me by reminding me of my initial interest, in the future. It would also be helpful to share with me any resources on my skill that you may find.

Other than that, I don’t believe there is much I still need. I should be able get on the way to start learning, as soon as I get mentor paperwork and details sorted out! Thanks!

Here is my ‘timeline’:

First introductory postDue Jan 7, 2021
Get mentor paperwork and details sorted outBy Jan 12, 2021
First meeting with mentorTBD
Get supplies and Start first basketJan 12, 2021
Start second basketBY Jan 25, 2021
Start third basketBy Feb 8, 2021
Start fourth basketBy Feb 22, 2021
Start fifth basketBy Mar 8, 2021
Start sixth basketBy Mar 22, 2021
Start seventh basketBy April 5, 2021 (Easter Monday!)
Start eighth basketBy Apr 19, 2021
Start ninth basketBy May 3, 2021
Start tenth basketBy May 17, 2021
All baskets finishMay 25, 2021

Some questions I’d like to find answers to in a timely manner:

How do you weave a basket? Weave a basket in the first week after getting supplies

How do you make a basket that is sturdy and can be used for a purpose? Ask mentor by third meeting

What are the different techniques to weave a basket? Read through 3 books about basket-weaving techniques by spring break

What are the different types of baskets I can weave? Research through 2 books and 3 online resources and take notes, to be done by the end of the project

What are the different types of materials I can use to weave baskets? Research through 5 different resources to find out, by the end of 2020

How/where could I obtain such materials? Reach out to mentor and secure answer by end of first week of school in 2021

What are some of the sub-skills of basket-weaving? Gain knowledge about this question from mentor, throughout project during meetings.

Harvest materials? Research online throughout project


My goal is to make 10 baskets during these five months. That’s my one, concrete goal I will achieve and combined with resources and plan/timeline, I hope I will have lots of fun doing so!


Alright, finding a mentor was a bit of a hassle. But with the help of Mr. G, I have located one! My mentor is an Aboriginal Education teacher who teaches in many schools.

At first, (before winter break) I already had a name to work with, which I got through Mr. G. Winter break passed with me feeling positive about having a mentor. But then, I got news that my mentor is not allowed to work with me, because she is a teacher in the school district too which means during school time we can’t meet. However, this was only a confusion. I didn’t mention to her that mentoring me is a volunteering act, to be done outside of her job. Mr. G sorted this out for me, and I will get back in touch with my mentor again now! This was a ‘frustration’ that has happened so far.

Thanks for reading and I’ll be posting again in 2 weeks!

Until then,


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  1. Informative post. This project is creative and has useful applications. Glad the mentoring part is being sorted out.

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