In-Depth Project: Post #3

Dear Reader,

Today marks the 3rd post of my In-Depth Project.

Progress Report

To report on my progress, I engaged in the following:

  1. I finished a woven breakfast tray

This breakfast tray took me probably around 5 hours to weave…because it was my first time. I would say that it looks okay for a first. However, I didn’t really start with all the materials, I substituted a thinner cane for a thicker cane that I should have used for the stakes. As a result, it is not the sturdiest breakfast tray in the world.

That’s fine though, because I’m now confident/I’ve nailed down the weaving technique, called pairing. I was a little confused about it at first, and if you look closely at the photos you’ll see that I switched patterns a bunch of times in the beginning/center of the tray.

Something else that I’d like to note about my progress is the finishing of the breakfast tray. One must cut the protruding ends of cane from the finished product before putting it to use. Well, when I did that, the tray started sort of falling apart! So, I had to be super careful and resorted to cutting them as far from where they were coming from as I could, yet still make it invisible.

  1. I ordered more basket-weaving cane for my next projects

Information on Mentor

Once again, unfortunately, my mentor and I could not find a time to meet before this post was due! Oh dear! Our schedules are quite different. Our communication this past two weeks has been through text messages, where we discuss meeting dates and what we plan to do. As for our next meeting, which will be on Tuesday the 16th, my mentor is going to teach me how to harvest cedar and also maybe weave a basket out of cedar.


The main obstacle I am facing is finding a meeting time with my mentor. I feel like we have minimal communication because she is so busy and only responds to my text messages. I guess what I should do instead is call her. But I’m not sure if I would want to call her just to ask her a question about what I am weaving. However, I could email her my question then send her a quick text message which she’ll see, telling her that I sent her an email. That might work. Okay, from here on, in my effort to maximize communication with my mentor, if I am ever having difficulties with my weaving or anything I feel I need to be mentored on, I will reach out to my mentor in this way.

The other frustration was finding what basket-weaving material to buy. I ordered some on Amazon but I’m not really sure if it’s the size I’m looking for.

Posted Questions

As for How to Have a Beautiful Mind, last time the topics were agreeing, disagreeing, and differing. I didn’t get marks for what I said about that in my last post because I wrongly did my update for it in the comments section, so I’d like to touch on it now. I’ve found that it is not just with my mentor that I have used the principles in the book. In my everyday life, with my sister multiple times for example, I’ve mentioned to her whether she agrees, disagrees, or differs.

The next chapters, How to Respond and How to be Interesting, I used in other areas of my life after reading too. I started using the “what if?” tactic in some conversations I’ve had, with friends. However, I sort of forgot about, and just saw, how I could use the phrase “Now that is interesting.” In my next meeting with my mentor, I know that I will certainly use this phrase at least once! Will report back….in post 4! I will also do as many of the other prompts as I can!


I think I need to modify my plan. My plan was to weave a new object every two weeks but I have only woven one while I should have about 3 now. So, I think I will loosen the noose a little and go for 1 every 3 weeks. And, I will make it a point to spend time on my in-depth study at least 3 times every week for 30 minutes each! That way I should be able to a) catch up to my previous plan and b) progress faster.

I would also like to share what some of my ideas for my next projects are:

I am thinking I will start the pencil basket first.

Thank you for reading.


P.S Happy Chinese New Year!…

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