Online Learning and Digital Project Reflection

My thoughts on whether I prefer hybrid learning or in-class learning are that I think it depends on what subject it is. If it is a subject that is more suited to be learnt along with other people, I prefer at school for all classes. For example, I took Mandarin this year. Learning a language is probably best done with other people to practice the language with, rather than alone. So, for a course like Mandarin, I would have preferred if we were allowed to stay in learning groups the whole quarter rather than having to switch to hybrid halfway—during hybrid it became…even more dull than it had to be. However, for some classes/courses, it may not matter so much. Art can be an example. Although having the art room and the teacher is nice, it is also pretty nice doing Art at home, so courses like Art in person and at home are decent.

Technology is the only thing that made hybrid possible. It has also benefitted me during the hybrid learning experience because I could do work at home just like I would at school with other people, and maybe even better. What I mean by this is that with technologies like Teams, even at home I could ask the teacher a question just like in class while working. Working on projects at home also offers more quiet and a better chance of focus/concentration for me, and since technology is the only thing that made learning at home possible, that is how it has benefitted me. In other words: nice work experience, calm and focused environment as opposed to (maybe not so) in the classroom.

On the flip side, technology has impeded me because hybrid does not really push me to work faster/spend less time doing work. So, it made me spend more time doing work, maybe more time than I needed to, because I could. I was at home and there are not the time limits of being in a classroom at home. In other words, I spent more time on my computer because of hybrid/the conveniences of technology, and whether I was doing work or not, I could have spent the time doing something else better for my (eye) health.

There certainly is something I hope remains a part of school that was new because of hybrid: the Quarter system. Although it will be nice to see what the Semester system is all about, I like how the Quarter system works because it is a smaller workload to focus on at each moment, since there are only two blocks/classes in each day, as opposed to having more than that. So, I like the Quarter system because…it is more flexible and open to me, not so stressful like what the Semester system sounds like it will be! Additionally, I think it would be cool if we could keep using Teams even when the pandemic is over, for that extra class communication outside of the classroom. It could be simply for questions or other academic purposes and could become a cool convenience to have.

The first project that I will link that used digital technology was my In-Depth Project. I made a Prezi to present all the baskets I wove, and I think the use of that digital technology (Prezi) really enhanced my project. Presenting on Prezi gives the viewer a nice interactive experience because they can zoom in and out to their own liking to check out parts that they like, but also follow a guided route through the presentation. I think doing my In-Depth on Prezi was a good idea because it is the sweet spot between a PowerPoint (not nearly so interactive) and a video (super interactive because you have no choice but to follow/watch it).

The second project is my Eminent Project. For my Eminent Presentation, I used a ‘digital technology’ called Google…specifically, Google Sites combined with Google Forms and Google Drawings. I used these 3 awesome tools to make a virtual escape room for the viewer of my Eminent Project…I may have gone a little too overboard with it but that is how the use of those digital technologies enhanced my project—I was able to make a really interactive presentation.

Anita’s 2 projects (can both be found on this blog):

  1. In-Depth Prezi
  2. Eminent (Google Sites, Google Drawings, Google Forms escape room)


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