Reading Eminent Introductory Blog Posts – Reflection

Reading my group’s eminent person introductory blog posts turned out to be a very enjoyable and educational activity! I think this was a nice ‘assignment’ because often we post to our blogs, but nobody really reads the posts other than the occasionally curious and the teacher. Therefore, it is nice to know my blog post will have an audience, and it is nice to explore others’ blogs. Additionally, I am curious about who everybody’s eminent people are, so this was a nice taste of five of my peers’ choices. This activity has benefited me because I now have a wider bank of names of eminent people in my head, therefore deepening my knowledge of the world to some degree. This is especially the case since all my group members’ eminent people’s fields of study were topics I had not specifically investigated before. For example, both Saihaj and Pavel both had eminent people in the field of science, which is not a subject I claim to be one of my interests. Nevertheless, all the posts were interesting to read. Finally, this activity is going to help me moving forward because I have read my peers’ posts, helping me acknowledge that I am not alone in doing this project—there are 54 others, each with different eminent people, doing this with me. In summary, I have learned more about Eminent from this activity and can use this info to do a better job on my project.

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