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Hello! Please allow me to present to you our brand-new theme park, inspired by the book Educated by Tara Westover…drumroll please…

Welcome to Eduland!

To learn all about our wonderful theme park, please click the button below to see our brochure!

Additionally, for your geographical benefit while visiting Eduland, please take a look at the park map:

About how I contributed to the project, first, I collaborated with Xylia on the detailed design of the map. We followed all the directions listed in the project criteria. For example, as we were brainstorming, we came up with how the map shall be divided into three different campuses. After brainstorming, Xylia and I then took turns working on/developing the map. For example, Xylia painstakingly laid down the ground and I put up the buildings and features on Buck’s Peak Campus, and so on. Some examples of what I specifically contributed to the map include the legend, the bungee-jump ride, the Niagara Falls flume ride, the Westover house on Cambridge Campus, and more. Once we were finished, I decided to spend an extra hour adding finishing touches to the map last night. The second item I contributed to the project was designing all the rides. Although we did some general brainstorming and good idea-getting as a group beforehand, I wrote the descriptions for two out of the three rides (the Iron Trailer and the Adventure Park) and kept track of all the other ride ideas we were generating. I also designed the diagram for the Iron Trailer ride on Canva, which was quite an enjoyable experience. Regarding how this has helped me gain insight into Educated, I believe it has allowed me to investigate the details of specific parts of the novel. For example, to write the description for the Iron Trailer ride, I had to look it up in the book and use it as a reference. Re-reading it in this way has given me a review of Tara’s riveting experiences, almost like a punch in the face. In summary, I contributed to designing the map and rides at Eduland and doing so has given me a more solid understanding of Tara’s experiences as illustrated in her book.

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