Remote Learning/Digital Projects Reflection

During this pandemic, many workplaces and companies have had to change the way they do business; the same can be said for schools. In our area, we are still fortunate enough to be able to go to school face-to-face, even if it is part-time. I think that this hybrid year has been very difficult for some, but has also benefited others. It may be easier to concentrate at home when you’re in your personal space, but it may be the opposite for others. Personally, I’ve always learned better in the classroom; it’s hard for me to focus at home, where there are so many things I could be distracted by. Additionally, with the challenge of technology, which in and of itself is a major distraction, it’s hard for me to focus on an assignment when distraction is just one click away. I would say that this hybrid-style school year has been more of a struggle for me than a benefit. Not only did I have to adjust to the challenge of entering high school and the Talons program, but it was also harder for me to connect with my teachers and peers when they were through a computer screen half of the time. With that said, I don’t think I’ll miss this school year; the only thing that I was grateful for was that there were no final exams (although I think that keeping that part will be unlikely).

But along with the many adjustments made to the curriculum and school system, I am very glad to have had technology. For my eminent project, I set up a website for my learning centre. It was a lot easier to make than if I had to had made a poster by hand. It’s also a lot more visually pleasing and easy to navigate.


I was also pretty grateful for the time I had to make a project for my Mandarin elective; being able to research and put together a powerpoint at home was a lot less stressful than having to do it in class in the same amount of time.


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