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“If your only intent is to be seen, you’ll never be seen. If your intent is to be happy, comfortable, genuine, and true in craft, you’re destined to be noticed” (Doja Cat, 2018).

For my eminent project this year, I chose to research Amala Ratna Zandile Dlamini, professionally known as Doja Cat. Doja Cat is an American singer, rapper, and songwriter. An overnight sensation who, in just three years, became one of the most easily recognizable names in the world. As someone who listens to her music, I’ve been impacted by her fame and publicity, and her well-known personality and humour. As someone who’s always been interested in music and the arts, I was drawn to Doja Cat’s unique lyricism and singing style. I like the way she isn’t afraid to express herself through her music and comedy and doesn’t make an effort to change herself for others. I aim to have the same mindset, improving myself and learning what I like to do not for others, but for myself in academics, sports, and many other things. 

At the age of 16, Doja Cat released her first song ‘So High’ on the streaming platform SoundCloud. She was quickly noticed by Kemosabe and RCA Records, with whom she signed a joint record deal a year later. After a flopped debut album in 2018 titled Amala, her self-made music video ‘Mooo!’ became a viral internet meme, amassing over 75 million views. The following year, she released her second studio album, with many of the tracks going viral on the online platform TikTok such as ‘Streets’, ‘Say So,’ ‘Rules’, and more. Although this album was a key point in her career and rising success, it was her third studio album that she released in June 2021 that solidified her as one of the most prominent singers of her generation. ‘Planet Her’ broke records for her and the collaborators, topping charts and winning multiple awards. And just this month, she passed Drake as the most-streamed rapper on Spotify, with over 63 million monthly listeners.  

Her music has been a key influence on popular culture, with most teens today listening to her songs, and her name frequenting news and the radio. She’s also famed for being a comedic personality, often connecting with her audience on the internet. In fact, she even wrote the song ‘Mooo!’ alongside her fans on Instagram live. She has cited Nicki Minaj as one of her biggest influences, with critics noting that her latest album seems to have taken inspiration from the artist. Doja Cat’s achievements and influence are on track to only get bigger, with many new artists already listing her as their biggest inspirations, her unique sound and style finding their way into others’ music.  

As our eminent project continues, I plan to research more into what made her so likeable as an artist and internet personality, and how she skyrocketed to fame so quickly. I’m excited to research more about Doja Cat, and to share with you my learning! 

5 thoughts on “Eminent Person Introduction

  1. Hey Annie, great introduction post! You wrote formally, while still sounding very personable. Your blog post was concise with lots of relevant information. I would recommend adding some interactive pieces to your blog post, whether it be pictures, videos, or links. Once again, you did a great job! I cannot wait to see what else you learn about Doja Cat!

  2. Hello Annie. Doja Cat sounds like a really inspiring and influential person. It is incredible how she became so popular in such a short amount of time, even surpassing well-established rappers like Drake. I love how despite a flopped debut album, Doja Cat did not give up; instead, she was very determined, and as a result, her following tracks went viral. One way you could improve future blog posts is by adding images or links to add depth and personality to your post. Overall, your blog was very well written, and I look forward to seeing your final presentation.

  3. v cool blog post, concise and easy to read. maybe add some images, links, and videos to spice things up. also, don’t forget your references and quote!

  4. Hi Annie! Your eminent person introduction was very enjoyable to read. I really liked how you went in depth with how Doja Cat is eminent other than being a successful singer. Many people only know of Doja Cat’s talents with music, but now I’ve learned about other traits she possesses that make her eminent. One suggestion I have for you would be to add some interactive links to some websites with more information or some of Doja Cat’s music and some pictures to make the post a little more enjoyable. Other than that, I loved reading your post and learned a lot. I look forward to seeing what else you accomplish with this project.

  5. Hi Annie, nice blog post! I like the theme that you choose as I feel it represents the mood of the blog nicely. I can relate to hearing her songs on Tiktok when they went viral in 2020. In the future, I would recommend that you add some pictures or links, but otherwise, the blog was nice and well-formatted!

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