The Jade PNE Lit Circle Theme Park

For the final project of our literature circles, my group and I came up with the Jade PNE theme park. At the start, my group and I collaborated on ideas and mapped out the general idea of our theme park. I helped contribute ideas for rides, shows, merchandise, and extra details of the theme park. I wrote descriptions and prices for the merchandise, including converting money value from the 1930s to today. I developed the brochure along with Kalayla, formatting the images and text of each page, as well as making and adding designs for the shows, rides, and merchandise. I helped make the presentation slides, making sure that all aspects of our theme park and the major themes in our book were represented. Finally, I had helped write and polish the script for our presentation. Overall, it was fun to be able to create something so unique, and I had enjoyed collaborating with my group!

Coming up with all of the ideas for our project, and having to choose between one or another major idea, gave me a deeper appreciation of what message the book was trying to convey. At first, having finished the book, I didn’t really understand it. I knew the major themes and what concepts it was trying to teach, but I didn’t comprehend them as well as I could have. To me, the rides and shows in the theme park represent the founding parts of the characters’ personalities. Whether it be the Monkey Man for Jook-Liang, boxing for Jung-Sum, or fighter planes for Sek-Lung, they each have something special that shaped them.




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