In Depth Post #6

As my project was mainly focused on creating physical things, I’ll be displaying my crocheted works on a table at in-depth night. To showcase my skills, I will also be working on a project as the night goes on. Audience members will be able to stop by my table and observe the various patterns and details of my projects. A highlight of my project was when I was learning how to make granny squares. They can be used for various things, and it is an important skill to have when crocheting. The most challenging part of my project was finishing many of my projects. Crocheting can become very tedious and having to do the same thing for hours can be relaxing, but also mentally taxing at the same time. Over the course of this project, I had done things that I didn’t think were possible. I can now make my own clothing, stuffies, blankets, and more. In the future, whenever I have spare time, I’ll now easily be able to pick up a hook and yarn and create any kind of magical thing. My project teaches me many valuable skills; I’ve learned to be patient and precise when crafting something, particularly when following instructions. It has also taught me that to create a good project, you have to spend many hours of consistent, careful stitching. 

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