About Me


Hey, I’m Annie. Welcome to my blog!¬†


my interests, hobbies, and sports.

I’d say that I’m a really active and involved person in and out of the school community. A few of my interests include:

  • skiing
  • baking
  • volleyball
  • field hockey
  • snowboarding
  • reading
  • and eating food (duh)

some websites i probably shouldn’t spend this much time on

this is probably open whenever i’m on my laptop

100% better than spotify trust me

probably watching this if i don’t text you back

or this…


some pictures that i like 

Above is a picture of Paris (obviously). I’ve always dreamed of going to Paris when I’m older; Recently I’ve been finding myself dreaming of going to university in this city, or even living there for a couple of years. Also, I just really like Parisian food!

Does that make you hungry? Yeah, me too. Ever since I’ve had a lava cake at the cactus club I’ve literally thought about it almost every day. It was so good. Like, so good.

P.S. if you want to make me happy on my birthday, just take me to the cactus club and order one of these.



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