Annotated Bibliography – Sandro Botticelli

Works Cited

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This source helped me to better understand Sandro Botticelli’s childhood and upbringing. The website mentions how a lot of Botticelli’s paintings were church commissions; from this website I learned about Sandro’s Christian side, as I had only ever been exposed to his mythological work. This source is useful if you’re hoping to discover information about his relations as an artist, and some of the struggles he faced.


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This website helped me understand how Botticelli was influenced by his mentor on his path of discovering his own artistic style. This source provides an analysis of Botticelli’s masterful work rendering narrative texts into paintings; these pieces include Decameron and the Divine Comedy. This is a great source if you’re looking for insight into Botticelli’s development as an artist; this article offers a deep layer of insight into the journey Sandro chose as an artist.



Sandro Botticelli Paintings, Bio, Ideas. n.d. 28 November 2019.

Through this article I learned about Sandro’s appreciation for philosophy and literature. This article shows the side of Sandro that interpreted complex philosophical symbolism and Renaissance literature. As such, his ability to analyze and interpret Renaissance literature allowed him to create works of mythological pagan. This is a great article if you’re trying to better understand the inner workings of Sandro’s mind, and the work that isn’t shown through his canvas.



Shau, Kevin. A Distinct vision – A Look at Renaissance Master Sandro Botticelli. 24 June 2019. 1 December 2019. <>.

Using this source, I found out that Botticelli was among many other artists of the Renaissance era who didn’t use oil paints; instead of using oil paints Sandro used egg tempura paints. I found out that many artists of the period used egg tempura paints for the muted colors that were much more subtle compared to the dynamic colors of oil paints. Through this article I learned how Sandro was able to create such subtly graceful figures and pieces through his choice of paints. This is a great article to take a look at, if you’re trying to deepen your understanding, and add a new layer of information.



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This article gave me great insight into the successes Botticelli had as an artist, and how he’s celebrated as an artist. The article provided a very good summary of his achievements and offered a timeline; the article even added a description and analysis of some of Botticelli’s better-known pieces. This is a great article if you’re trying to get a brief understanding of who Botticelli was as an artist and provides a good starting point for further research.





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