interview reflection

this is less about my interview and unfortunately more about my lack of an interview, so…

Why couldn’t I get an interview?

There were a few reasons, Hayley Williams is obviously a pretty big deal, reaching out to her directly didn’t seem like much of an option, I attempted to find a way to contact her agent, unfortunately I couldn’t find any email addresses and the only phone number I could find was very long distance and would have cost a fair amount. Next I tried to find a way of getting a packet that might have been sent out to a media company, but I couldn’t find anyone to contact about something along those lines. The next obvious route seemed to be via social media, the “tag her in everything” tactic, disappointingly Hayley Williams just very publicly went through a social media detox, from what I could figure out, she no longer has social media accounts, so that was no longer a viable option to contact her through. Several of my classmates recommended reaching out to a band mate, or someone who knows her personally, but many of her band mates have very bad relationships with her, so I figured asking someone who’s actively suing her might not be the best way of finding out more about her personality from an unbiased point of view. One thing that I probably should have better explored was interviewing someone else is the punk/emo/punk pop genre, one of the reasons that I delayed reaching out to someone like this and put definitely too much effort into trying to reach out and get a media packet about her was because as much as I am interested in the genre I also wanted to know more about her, and her personal experiences with over coming struggles, the direction I’ve gone in with much of my eminent has focused more on Hayley Williams as a person and less on her genre, because I feel that all she’s dealt with and done, all whilst being highly talented is truly what makes her eminent.

Of course, since I wasn’t able to get to get an interview, I had to make up for this hole in my research somehow, luckily an upside of her being so famous and well known was if I watched and read enough interviews that other people have done with her I was able to gather similar information to many of the questions that I might have asked, and I incorporated this into what I wrote in my learning center about her. As much as I didn’t actually get an interview with her, I did get to hear/read her answers to many of my questions about her.

The morale of the story is essentially that A) I should have definitely started looking for someone to interview sooner, I thought it would be easier then I turned out to be B) I should have been more willing to compromise on what I wanted in an interview, learning more about the genre and it’s effects on others who are a part of it would have been better than nothing.

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