Eminent Introduction Post Reflection

During the process of reading and commenting on the posts, I found that all the posts from my peers were very well done and all a joy to read. I especially enjoyed being surprised by the accomplishments of the other notables my peers had written about, especially Paul Dicar and Marie Curie. I also liked how a lot of their posts had sections on characteristics of their notable that they did want to emulate along with the ones they already did have. I also learned from my classmate’s posts as well, like how upon reading Anita’s post, I realized that I should have spaced out my text better with images to make it easier to read. The questions I had to answer in my comment also really made me intently read the posts so I could answer them well. Besides the part about spacing out my text using images more, I would also like to reformat my blog, to be honest after seeing the much cleaner blogs of my classmates. I can also use more of what the comments said they liked about my post more often in my future posts 

Thanks for reading,