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Hello and welcome to in-depth!

For the past five months, I’ve been learning how to roller-skate. At first, I focused on all the basics I need to have a solid base of skills to use when I’m trying different more advanced skills. I chose to do this skill for my in-depth because I thought it would be a great way to have fun and get exercise. I’ve improved a lot since the beginning of my project so I hope you check out my video or are interested in learning a bit more about roller skating safety.


            If you’re interested in one of the most important parts of roller skating check out my presentation. It goes over the basic ways to prepare for your skating. All this safety was especially important for me during this project because I started as a beginner. Going through all the safety steps helped me build confidence in my skates and get better.

Click here: Safety Slide-Show

Skating video:

Click here to check out the video of my progress so far: Roller Skating In-depth Video

Thanks for checking out my in-depth and special thanks to my mentor for all their help over the past couple of months!

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  1. Thanks Clara! This looks so fun! I am impressed with your perseverance in pushing through when you had some stumbles. I appreciate how you laid out your video to show the progression of your skills. You mentioned on a couple of occasions that you did not have enough speed to do the skill properly…how does one build confidence to move faster when moving faster also poses additional risks? Thanks for sharing…roller-skating seems like an instant mood enhancer!

    • Hi Ms. Quach, Thanks for the question. It mostly just took time and practice but having all the right gear definitely made me feel safer to try new tricks on my skates. I definitely had a lot of fun with my project!

  2. Your safety presentation is a great place to start. You have made greats strides or rolls throughout this project. What is next? Will you continue to learn more? If so, what aspects are next?

    • Hi Ms. Mulder, thank you for your comment. I’m definitely interested in doing more longer skate trips (like along the sea wall or around Grandville). I also want to try skate park roller skating because I feel like it would be a really good challenge for me and very different from what I’ve been working on so far.

    • Thanks for the comment! I probably won’t get to places too far but definitely want to skate around my neighbourhood and with my friends.

  3. Amazing!! Ahh, you improved soo much, good job!! One question I have is, Why did you choose this project? Well, I hope you continue to skate! 🙂

    • I mainly chose it because I thought it would be a cool way to get exercise and spend time outside. I also thought that roller skaters looked really cool so that was a little bit of it too. Thanks for the comment.

  4. Cool In-depth project! You can really tell how much more comfortable you get as the video goes on. What made you choose this over skateboarding or something similar?

    • I actually have tried skateboarding in the past but I found it scarier and actually fell off once. I thought I could get better control and thought it would be something different to try. Thanks for your comment.

  5. Clara, your presentation is so informative and entertaining! I love your roller skates and I thought the safety presentation was really neat. I learned a lot about roller-skating through this, you are so good at explaining things!

  6. I loved watching your progress video, you can really see how much you improved! I think that the skills you chose to learn are really cool because they seem like really useful things to be able to do, especially the different methods of stopping. Were there any other skills you wanted to learn that you didn’t get to in the time-span of this project?

  7. Clara!!!
    You look so cool on roller-skates, I can definitely see how you polished your skills and I liked how you showed your progress throughout the past few months! (:
    (ps. rollerblade supremacy)

  8. Hello Clara!

    Very cool topic for in-depth! It was a really great idea adding the safety presentation to your post. I enjoyed watching your video and the progress that you made! On average, how long did it take for you to learn each skill and which one do you feel most confident doing?

    • Hi, thanks for your question! It really depends on which skill for how long it takes. I found that the first couple skills like bubbles and moving forward I felt confident with after a week or so but I’ve been working on moving backwards for a couple of weeks now and am still working on it. I think that I definitely feel the most confident with the bubbles!

  9. Hi Clara! Great job. Your project was very enjoyable to read and watch. I learned a lot about roller skating I didn’t know before. How is skating backward different from going forward.

    • Hi Lucas, I’m glad you liked my presentation. Moving backwards was different for me because the toe stop is at the front so when you move backwards you don’t have that extra security so it’s easier to fall backwards. Thanks for commenting!!!

  10. Hi Clara! Great skating! This looks so fun, and I think I want to do it sometime too! Were you ever scared of not being able to see what’s behind you when you were going backwards? Or could you see just fine?


    • Hi Dylan, I definitely recommend roller skating if you are interested. Moving backwards was definitely scary, I usually would check the area before I tried it but there were some times where I fell a bit because I wasn’t used to moving backwards. Thanks for your question!

  11. Hi Clara! I loved your presentation. It was very neat and well edited. You look so cool on your roller skates! Swaggy roller skaters wear protective gear 🙂

  12. Great job Clara! I really liked how you chose to share your progression in a video, it worked really well and it showed so much progression. Also, the video was well made, I liked the background music, it made the video more interesting.

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