Remote Learning and Digital Projects Reflection

What are your thoughts on hybrid classes compared to learning groups? 


I think that overall, this year I preferred being in the learning group version of a class. This was because it was easier to stay in contact with classmates and teachers about what we were working on at that time. When we are working half online it usually takes longer to get answers or get help about current assignments. I found when we had the same class every day we were able to get to know our classmates and the subjects we were learning much better because there were no breaks.  


How has technology benefited you in hybrid learning? 


The main way that technology has benefited me during hybrid learning was by giving me access to so many different resources. It was very helpful that a lot of the materials we were using were online because we wouldn’t forget them and we would always have access to them if we had our technology.  


How has technology impeded you in hybrid learning? 


I think that the main problem with using so much technology for school was that combined with using it to be in contact with our friends it added up to using a lot of technology every day. It was hard to be in a 2-hour meeting for classes and then do homework on your computers and then want to talk to people online because you can’t meet in person. Though we wouldn’t always have meetings online for every class when we did it felt like a lot of just sitting in front of a screen and I feel like I didn’t learn well like that.  


Is there anything you hope to keep from hybrid learning? 


One part of hybrid learning that I liked a lot was that we had more freedom with our learning. It was sometimes nice that we got more freedom to choose what part of the day we would work on the assignment when we had our days at home. I also found that we were able to present our learning in lots of different ways for some of our assignments online. Using technology, we had lots of different options to put together a presentation and I really enjoyed having those options offered to me.  


Two projects where you used digital learning: 


In-depth Final Presentation: 


For this project, I used technology in lots of different ways to learn. The first was using it to meet with my mentor who taught me lots over zoom. I also used it for resources that helped me learn some of the basics of my skill which was what helped me to get started safely. Then it helped me present my learning in the best way I could. I think that I wouldn’t have learned nearly as much as I was able to. 





For this project, I used technology to do all my learning. This project would never be achievable if I wasn’t able to research my eminent person through articles, performances and the music that they made. I also was able to use a website that helps you create your website. This helped me put together all the aspects of my learning together in one convenient place for anyone interested in my learning centre. 


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