Introductory Blog Post Reflection

I found the process of looking at other people’s blogs was a great way to learn about topics I wouldn’t usually explore. Even if someone was doing a person that works in a field I am not usually passionate about I still feel that I found the blogs interesting. That was because I was learning about the achievements of real people. I think that receiving peer feedback will help me prepare for posting my final learning center because the feedback can be considered when I’m writing and presenting that. I find that having another person point out ways I can improve makes my work better than any self-editing can. Something I found really enjoyable about the process was seeing who the people in my group chose and why they chose them. I think that seeing the person they pick is a great way to find out more about my classmates and their interests. Reading other people’s blogs also helped me get more ideas on what I could include in my future posts. Getting to see the variety of media people included helped me to start thinking about what would work well for me. Not only did the process help me gain knowledge about other people’s topics but, it also opened up more ideas for how I can present my project in the future.

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