About Me


Interests & Hobbies:

  • I am super interested in music. I love listening to a wide range of different music. I am super interested in the emotion behind music and the meaning.
  • Because of my love of music, I am learning how to play the acoustic guitar. I also hope to learn more interments in the future.
  • I love to spend lots of time outdoors. Hiking is an activity I really enjoy doing with friends and family along.
  • I am very passionate about my cats and I love spending time with them.
  • Also, I have an obsession with mushrooms and frogs and am constantly looking for them when I am doing things outside.


Where I spend way too long watching music videos

A game for children I love even though I am not a child


Frog Chorus Victorian Steel Engraving Stock Illustration - Download Image Now - iStock

Here is a very nice picture of a frog chorus to make your day better.

Agaricus muscarius Fly Agaric from Poisonous and Edible fungus Prints from Vietz

This is a drawing of my favourite species of fungi. Commonly known as fly agaric. It is poisonous and is found in the northern hemisphere.

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