John Maxwell Reflection

After reading John C. Maxwell’s Developing the Leaders Around You, there are a couple points he talked about that particularly stood out to me, and I would like to elaborate on them: “Can [the apprentice] do what is required? Will he or she do what is required?” (Maxwell, 2014). This is one of the most important […]

Eminent person practice interview reflection

To practice for our eminent person interviews, I interviewed a classmate about their life and their experiences in Talons. The interview went fairly smoothly, but based on the feedback I got, there are several improvements I could make. At first, I was a little unprepared for the interview and I was quite nervous when trying […]

Eminent Blog Post Comment Reflection

I was able to gain a lot of information by going through everyone else’s blog posts. First, I noticed that many people had quite loosely structured posts, but they were still very easy to understand. Some people’s posts were just one paragraph, but were surprisingly easy to read. In the future, I think it’s more […]

Eminent Person Introductory Post

“Coincidence doesn’t happen a third time.” – Osamu Tezuka. This year, I chose to research Osamu Tezuka, one of the pioneers of the manga industry. Eminence Tezuka first used many of the drawing techniques that we see in manga today, making manga a much better experience for the reader. In order to make the content […]

Online Learning and Digital Project Reflection

Hybrid learning this year has completely changed what school is like for me. Of course, there are many cases where online learning will never be able to fully live up to the standards of in-person learning, even with the best technology, and for this reason I still prefer in-person learning in most cases. For example, […]

In-Depth Final Post

Hello All! This year I decided to learn about coding, with the original intention of coding in Java, but I ended up doing some work in C# as well. Now that In-Depth is coming to a close, here’s a summary of my journey! The two big “artefacts” that I have to show today are a […]

In-Depth Post #6

Spring break is over, and I have had another two meetings with my mentor and some plans moving forward. Moving forward In the last three months, I worked on a calculator application. The plan was to make a basic calculator, but it ended up becoming a full scientific calculator. It took longer than I planned, […]

In-Depth Post #5

Since my last blog post, I haven’t had another meeting with my mentor due to a delay, but I made good progress on my calculator. Calculator update I am proud to say that I have finished the new version of the calculator. This will probably also be the last version and unless there is anything […]

Quarter 2 Core Competencies Reflection

My goal is… I want to change some bad habits regarding time management and work. I am trying to become more organized and improve my work ethic. How has it been going?  What challenges have you had? So far, based on how I have been managing my work lately, I think I am heading in […]