In-Depth Post #6

Hi all! As this project is coming to an end, this will probably be my last post. I had another meeting with my mentor, and we discussed how I will be presenting on in-depth night. Progress update As promised, here is a recording Over the Rainbow. Unfortunately, the file exceeds the upload limit for this blog […]

In-Depth Post #4

Hi all! Over spring break I had just one meeting with my mentor and I’ve been practising my technique. Progress update While looking through songs from my mentor’s etude book, I came across various new violin techniques that may be necessary in certain songs moving forward, so I decided to give them a try. First, […]

John Maxwell Reflection

After reading John C. Maxwell’s Developing the Leaders Around You, there are a couple points he talked about that particularly stood out to me, and I would like to elaborate on them: “Can [the apprentice] do what is required? Will he or she do what is required?” (Maxwell, 2014). This is one of the most important […]

In-Depth Post #2

Since my first post on In-Depth, I got to know my mentor much better and we have met twice (online). Together, we worked on my plan and made some important changes to it. I also made some good progresss on my calculator in the past few weeks. Background of my mentor Here’s a more detailed […]

In-Depth Post #1

In Talons, there is a project called in-depth. It’s an opportunity for students to learn about a topic that otherwise would not be taught in school. Students choose a topic of little experience they are interested in and learn about it in-depth, hence the name of the project. They also will find an experienced mentor […]