Semester 1 Reflection Post: Eminent Speech

Eminent Lou Costello Final Speech

One project that I completed during my 1st Semester at Gleneagle Secondary was my Eminent final speech. An element of my Eminent Research project for my English/Socials class, I was able to choose any eminent figure that has left a mark on the world with their actions and present a 4-5 minute speech to show this person’s importance. For my project, I chose to educate my class about Lou Costello, a burlesque comedian famous for his infamous skits and movies alongside his straight man Bud Abbott. Writing a speech in the perspective of Bud Abbott, I told the story of Lou from his birth to death in a concise, informative, and creative manner.

With this assignment, I was able to bring in my creative writing and thinking skills, my communication skills, my researching skills, and my skills with public speaking. Wanting to be different more than anyone else, I try to be as creative as possible whenever I am given the leeway to do so. Using my creative thinking, I generated several different ideas on how I could convey my research and facts in an interesting and entertaining way. I would then use my creative writing skills to use my knowledge and convert it into a presentable piece of work, rather than a long list of facts. Finally, I was able to combine my communication and public speaking skills to completely memorize and present my Eminent Speech, complete with loads of enthusiasm, props, and a costume.

A few major challenges or bumps I had along the way of completing my speech included thinking of the most effective ways to capture my audience, finding ways to memorize my speech easily, and cutting down the most crucial parts of my speech to create a concise final product. During all of these struggles, I had to consider many different outcomes and strategies to find the most suitable answers for myself. For example, to choose an interesting hook to my speech, I would ask my peers for their opinion on the matter, and I would take constructive tips to further enhance my writing.