remote learning reflection

my remote learning experience throughout the last few months have been ok but i defiantly prefer being in school as there is more of a steady schedule. i also found it i a bit harder to learn online asĀ  i couldn’t be in school and ask questions to my teacher. technology has benefited me over this online learning because I’ve learned how to type faster and i could sleep more as i only had one call per day. this was really important for me as i was always tiered at school because of the sports i played and having to wake up earlier than i would like. the down side of my online learning has been not being able to receive information as well leading to me not being able to up my grades. i feel this is because i couldn’t ask as many questions as i could in school and i also couldn’t receive the feedback that i like. one thing that helped me with the transition with technology was that i was already very familiar with teams and office from last year. during my remote learning my typing skills have became a lot faster which is really good for me as that always used to be a problem for me. for example this document might have took me 30 minutes to type out but now it only took me about 10.

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