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Your “About Me” page is all about you.  As you get more comfortable with it, it is an opportunity to express who you are, and share the things you like to do. But more so, this is where you can share your growth and experiences at Gleneagle. 

You are going to work through the different steps on your About Me Page, and become more comfortable working with your blog and learning some important skills. Take some risks! You wont break anything.

Step 1) To begin editing your About Me Page, click “Edit Page” located at the top of the screen. 

Step 2) Familiarize yourself with all of the features on your page. When you are done editing your page, simply press Update on the far right side of the page. You have the ability to add pictures and videos, change fonts, hyperlinks, etc. 

Step 3) Create a heading on your About Me Page for each of the tasks below. Try each task at your own pace and build your page. 

About Me Page – Tasks

A) Add your name: Start by adding your first name to the top. Select it and change it from “Paragraph” to “Header 1” font in the drop-down text formatting window. Feel free to write a brief bio below with regular “paragraph” font styling, but this is not required.

B) Add a list: Click the numbered or bulleted list icon. Include A numbered or bulleted list of three to ten of your favourite hobbies, interests, or sports.

C) Add Two Hyperlinks: Create a hyperlink to two websites that are meaningful to you.  Briefly explain why you chose this site. To hyperlink text or pictures to a website, simply high-light the word or select the picture you would like to hyperlink to, then look for the chain link button located in tool bar and click it, then paste the URL in the website area and click Apply.

For more detailed information how to create a hyperlink click here

D) Add Two Pictures: Find two appropriate pictures that you like, dislike, has inspired you or is meaningful to you for some reason. Find a picture that is powerful to you. Insert the picture into your page, and briefly explain why you chose this picture. If you have a picture saved on your computer already, simply go to the Add Media button located on the top of the page, and follow the steps to upload your picture. If you have Googled an image, click on the image, then click the View Image  button, then copy the URL, and either add the URL in the Add Media button or paste it into you blog.

For more detailed information how to insert images click here

BONUS! Add a Video: Finish early? Find your favorite YouTube clip, add it to your blog. Briefly explain why you chose it. Add any clips that show some of the amazing things you’ve done. The easiest way to place a YouTube clip on your blog is to find a video you like, copy the URL of the video, and paste the URL exactly where you want it on your page.  

For more detailed information about how to embed click here

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digital learning reflection

I found digital learning a lot harder than being in an actual school for 6 hours 5 days a week. There are way too many distractions and hard to  get rid of because of temptation. I dislike it because I feel it takes me way too long to do an assignment or stay on task. Honestly, I don’t think it really has other than communicating with friends for help when needed. I have been starting to cite my resources more and more because I’m either using textbooks or on a website for more information or for more information. Up until maybe early may digital learning caused me hours of homework due to my phone which was very hard to put down. It also caused me to talk less with friends because were not stuck in a class together. Instead I got closer with people I’m already close with. One core competency that I improved on is creative thinking. I improved on this by creating a game that’s not school related due to quarantine sock net and was in a very intense game with my cousin. I also found out ways to keep myself on track when I knew I started to slack because of my phone. I put myself in my parents office in the basement the quietist room in the house which helped finish homework around late May giving me more free time. Communication helped me because I did miss out on the first week and friends told me what happened or what’s going to happen. Classmates also helped out when there were no calls up yet or if there was class that day which was helpful since I kept missing socials class.

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