About Me


Hello! Welcome to my about me page! Does it look like I know what I’m doing, because I sure don’t.. yet. Here you’ll find a few things about me if it wasn’t already self-explanatory. What am I saying. Okay well on with the program!


~My Hobbies and Interests~

  • Listening to music. Listening to music is definitely one of my interests/hobbies. I love sitting and thinking to some awesome background music, however my music taste is all over the place. (much like me I suppose) One day I’ll be listening 80’s rock, then classical, maybe the next day I’ll be bopping to musical theatre, and then EDM, then crying to sad-angsty teen music and- well, you get the idea.


  • Playing music. Surprise! Not only do I like listening to music, but I love playing it as well! I’ve played the piano for a pretty long time, and as much as I love myself some Bach and Clementi, I like to try and ear-compose my own arrangements of songs that I’ve taken an interest in. I also have “dabbled” in the art of guitar, violin and drums. Oh, and I also love to sing.. when I’m on my own of course.


  • Writing. If you couldn’t tell already, I can write for a pretty long time. It’s one of my favourite things to do! Even if most of the time I’ll end up writing in my head instead of on paper… but that’s besides the point. I am not the best word-speaker, so it’s a lot easier for me to speak through written words rather than someone trying to decipher the word vomit that often escapes from my mouth. I’ll try to write anything that I’m challenged with so bring it on! (not actually I’m scared)


  • Reading. Similar to my love for writing I like to read! Most of the times it’s fictional novels, but I’m down for a good educational book on chimpanzees or a thought-inducing poetry book.


  • Being outside! I would definitely 100% say that being outside is one of my most favourite pastimes. Whether it be hiking, kayaking, biking or camping, I’ll be there! Well, unless there are scary things involved. In which case please stay away.


  • Thinking. Would you call this a hobby/interest? I’m not sure but here I go. As I mentioned previously, I’ll write things in my head and never actually write them down. I think that I can be very much inside my head a lot of the time.



One of my most favourite piano performances

I promise that it’s not someone playing flight of the bumblebee or some sleepy classical! I love this performance one, because the song is so good, and two, because the way Horowitz plays it barely moving his hands and so awesomely just.. I am speechless.

A very good book

This a very good book that I read a while ago. I can’t choose a favourite book, but this one is definitely up there on my list.


This is a snippet of the famous “billion” pixel picture that Nasa took of the Andromeda Galaxy. I couldn’t get the actual picture in, so here is the website to the actual picture. I think that it’s so cool to think that there is a beyond to not only our earth but our galaxy.

This is a picture from world war one. I chose it because war is something that I can’t imagine and something that real people went through and experienced. Which seems almost unreal.