In-Depth – Final Blog Post!


Welcome to my final project for In-Depth this year (thanks for stopping by)!


For the past 5 months, I’ve been working to learn the bass guitar. With the help of my mentor, I learned how to pluck strings, play scales and arpeggios, and play along to songs. I came to understand how the bass plays its part in music with it’s repetitive low sounding notes keeping time and melody from the background. I’ve had a blast learning and have gotten even more excited about the instrument as time went on.

Thanks to my mentor, Tito Paul, as well! He was always so enthusiastic about the bass guitar and willing to answer any questions I had. Your excitement was contagious!


Now we get to the project itself.

To celebrate my learning over the course of In-Depth, I decided to learn 4 of some of my favourite songs. I practiced and memorized the fingering, and finally, filmed them all. Throughout this entire process, I challenged my skills in not only string plucking or fingering, but also reading bass sheet music, keeping time with the song and performing/playing in front of a camera. They’re nowhere near perfect, of course, but I’m happy with how each turned out. Now, they can all be accessed through the links below for your viewing pleasure! Feel free to pick and choose what songs pique your interest. (It might be useful as well to right click on the links below and click open in new tab)


If you need somewhere to start, Prom Queen and Space Girl  are probably my top 2 favourites

Prom Queen by Beach Bunny

Space Girl by Frances Forever

Kyoto by Phoebe Bridgers

Sophia by Clairo


As a closing note, despite Covid getting in the way and putting restrictions on almost everything. everyone involved with In-Depth this year did amazing! Whether you participated, mentored, organized or simply encouraged, thankyou for seeing it through until the end. Congrats!


Happy In-Depth-ing (:

26 thoughts on “In-Depth – Final Blog Post!

  1. Hi, Kalayla! Omg great job on the bass!! Soo good!! Is it your first time playing the bass guitar?

    1. Thank you so much Natalie!!
      I’ve played the acoustic and electric guitar a few times before, it was very very helpful when learning the bass
      Thanks for your compliments (:

    1. Clara! Thankyou !!
      The bass is definitely very cool, and the songs are top tier (credit to you of course for your awesome music taste)

  2. It was really good! Your bass skills were really impressive and your rhythm was fantastic, bass is such an underrated instrument!

    1. Thanks Draedon!!
      I agree, bass guitar supremacy~
      Thanks so much for your kind words (:

  3. Kalayla, your project is so so cool! You are a great bass guitarist, if I was managing a band or something I would definitely want you in a band. You also have awesome music taste! Were the songs you liked the most also the covers you think turned out the best, or was there no correlation?
    – Signed, your biggest fan (so far)

    1. Bana!! Thankyou so much (:
      I definitely practiced my favourite songs the most, so they ended up being the ones that turned out the best.
      (I would be honoured to be part of your hypothetical band)
      I already have a fan! Hype!

  4. I especially agree with your final comment. Flexibility was key. No pun intended. Thanks for sharing four covers. You progressed far in five months. Which was your favourite part to learn and why?

    1. Hi Ms.Mulder!
      Thanks (:
      I think my favourite part to learn were the riffs in Space Girl. The speed of the notes and the overall sound of the riff just sounded so cool to me

  5. Kalayla this was so cool! The covers are so well done! I was wondering, did you already have experience in playing bass guitar prior to the project? Good job!

    1. Hi Jazmine!
      Thankyou!! I’m glad you liked my covers (:
      I’ve played the bass once in sixth grade, but other than that, I’ve only had experience playing six-stringed guitar

  6. Hi Kalayla! You did such a fantastic job and I loved the song choices! Why did you decide on learning to play the bass as your in-depth topic?

    1. Hi Makenna!
      Thankyou so much!!
      I had previously played the bass guitar once, but the low notes and steady rythym drew me in to wanting to play it again (:
      I’m glad you liked the song choices, I loved them too~

  7. Sick bass covers, it looks like you didn’t have any *cough* treble playing the bass guitar. Jokes aside, amazing work and it looks like you learned a lot during in-depth, great job! 🎸🎸🎸.

    1. Hey Justin!
      Thanks! Very funny, I’ll have you know that I tried to come up with a bass pun to respond with, but I was unsuccessful (‘:
      Thankyou again for all your compliments!

    1. Hi Simran!
      Thanks so much for your kind words! I’m glad you enjoyed the song choices, I thought that they were pretty good songs as well (:

  8. Super cool work! All four of those videos are awesome, and you should be super proud of yourself!

  9. I really enjoyed listening to space girl. Great work learning bass. I may have already asked you this, but do have any past experience with music? And if so, what instrument or experience did you have?

    1. Hey Lucas!
      Thankyou! Space Girl was one of my favourites too. I have had previous experience with playing piano and I’ve experimented with a few other instruments such as acoustic guitar and drums.
      Thanks for stopping by! (:

  10. Hi Kalayla!

    WOW, your project is amazing! Everything sounded so nice and the transitions were super fast. The songs you chose were very good as well! I especially like the Prom Queen one, the guitar playing was super cool!


    1. Xylia!
      I’m glad that you liked Prom Queen! It was definitely one of my favourites out of the four. Ahh I’m so happy that the videos and the bass playing turned out ok! (:

  11. So cook, Kalaya!

    It was awesome to see you in action. It’s neat to see in your covers how a bass line really add some warmth and texture to the music.
    Did you have any musical training before this in-depth? Do you plan to continue?

    1. Hi Ms. Quach!
      Thankyou for your kind words and for stopping by!
      I’m glad you enjoyed my bass covers.
      I’ve had musical training for around 7 years in piano, and I’ve tried a few instruments out once or twice such as acoustic guitar, drums and violin.
      I will definitely continue to play the bass! I found it so much fun and can’t wait to see what lies next in the world of bass guitar…

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