Intro Blog Post – The Reflection!

Commenting and looking through other blog posts this year was not only interesting, but also really helpful towards my own learning! I really enjoyed reading through the posts and finding out more about my peers and their interests, I think that it’s always really cool to listen to someone talk about their passions. I was able to learn a bit more about my classmates as well, even the ones I have known for a year now. By reading though the blogs, I was able to get ideas and inspirations for what to research next or how to write/format my next posts. It was especially the comments and the helpful criticism that I will definitely keep in mind for the future. I appreciated the sense of community that looking and commenting on blogs posts brought! By reading and commenting, it felt like we were all in the same boat and working towards this common goal, even though we had all such different people and passions. Some people in my group didn’t have their post upwhich made it difficult to comment on, and it was also a bit disjointed and unorganized getting everyone in my small group to post their blog posts on teams. I think next time, I will definitely be more organized with my group, and I will have so many new ideas and inspiration for my next blog post!