Eminent Introductory – Marc-André Leclerc!

“When I’m in the mountains, life is so incredibly simple” – Marc-André Leclerc (Mortimer & Rosen, 2021) 

Marc-André was making breakthroughs and records in the mountaineering world, and almost no one knew. It wasn’t just his outstanding achievements that drew me in however, but it was his attitude and view on life that I felt a strong connection to. It was interesting to learn that he learned by going outdoors and doing as well. He was someone who did not enjoy learning in the classroom, and I can relate to that. Marc also learned a lot by figuring out skills and puzzles on his own through his rock climbing and hiking. I find that its easier (and more fun) to learn that way as well. As learners I think we both are ambitious in our passions and goals. Marc and I both love the outdoors. He was a solo climber who would spend weeks out in the woods camping and climbing with his girlfriend, while I on the other hand will jump at any chance of hiking I can get. He has a connection and love for being up on the mountains and alpines that I can really connect with. Although I have not climbed many huge mountains in my day, I am hoping that I one day will climb many. We were also both raised in a family who encouraged our passions , which I am thankful for.

For one, I feel that Marc is a pretty determined person. He has a goal in mind and works and figures out ways to achieve that, which I try to do as well. He was a resourceful person and worked with what he had at the time. This is think is something that I both have, and try to work on. On both levels I think Marc André and I are both generally happy people, we both want to experience and explore. Part of what Marc-André does is what I want to do in TALONS. He pursues his passions and goals for the sake of himself and his love for it, not for the approval or fame of someone else. He climbed because he found true enjoyment in it, the exploration of it all being his drive. I’d like to pursue my own passions in TALONS and explore and experience as much as I can.  Marc is a technically trained climber, which I am most definitely not. While I may be your average hiker, I have no experience in climbing or mountaineering like he has. I have a pretty good amount of knowledge in technical climbing, and a close enough connection with the sport. I am also not able to connect with him as much because he is a guy. While I don’t identify with being a dude, I don’t think that gender really has an impact on the subject and areas I would be looking at. 

Marc is mainly known for his mind-blowing winter solos of Torre Egger in Patagonia, and the Emperor Face of Mount Robson in which he was the first. In his lifetime he was doing all sorts of crazy climbs and adventures solo that he was inspiring and shocking people all over the world. Marc will be known for his crazy solos for sure, but it is his story and the impact that he left on those around him that will remain as well. In the documentary about him, The Alpinist, they talk about not only his achievements, but interviewed those who met him, all of which who said he left a positive and fresh impact. His ding on the universe will be his attitude and story. Drugs were pretty harmful to his passions and ultimate goal. He also struggled to get started when the education system didn’t work with him. All he wanted to do was get up and move when he was stuck in a desk to the point where he was homeschooled for a while.  Through these struggles however, it was ultimately the people who surrounded and supported him who got him through. His mom Michelle and girlfriend Brette really pushed him past those challenges. 

I think he’s worth remembering because he was so full of life. He didn’t make an effort himself to put his name out there despite his success, so I would be honoured to share his story! Especially since he died so young at the age of twenty-five, I think he deserves remembering. He was someone who truly loved what he was doing and the world around him. If we can learn anything from him, it would be to love our own world and push ourselves for the sake of ourselves. 


Next, I think I would like to learn more about his achievements and maybe parts of his adulthood/right out of high school. I think that would be really interesting. I also want to re-watch the documentary again, that was cool.  



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