Marc-André Leclerc – Night of the Notables!


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14 thoughts on “Marc-André Leclerc – Night of the Notables!

  1. Your blog was easy to read and beautiful to look at. I especially loved how Marc’s voice was incredibly clear throughout the blog. I would ask, do you think that you died in an honourable way?

    1. Hello!
      Thanks for compliments! In terms of your question, in a way, it was fate. I don’t think there would be any other honourable way to go in my line of work. Was it honourable? I don’t know, as a mountaineer, yes. However as a son, partner and friend, I wish I didn’t have to leave so soon.

  2. Fantastic website! I thought that the images you added throughout were stunning and really made an impact on the viewing experience. In addition, I thought your detail of your life was well done and I think I’ve really gotten to know you already. My only possible critique would be to double check spelling in some spots. That’s clearly a small detail. I thought it was great either way! My question for you is: have there been many accidents while in the middle of climbing? If so, has that changed your climbing technique at all?

    1. Thanks Glen!
      I’ve had many accidents while climbing. I’ve fallen many times while soloing, but nothing too intense. My climbing style however, has always been cautious and careful. Though it might not seem like it I tend to take my time and plan out my climbs very carefully! I don’t want others and myself to get hurt after all.

  3. Hey Marc-André Leclerc! Loved learning everything about your life and the inspirational journey you had. I thought this was a great way of presenting your eminence in a very detailed and creative way. But just wondering, do you think you achieved a good chunk of what you wanted to achieve in your lifetime?

    1. Hey Josee!
      Thanks! I’m really proud of what I accomplished in my lifetime, but there is so much more I wish I could’ve done. There are so many more mountains to climb and so many more adventures to have!

  4. Great website. I like that your eminence was well described. I found the photos to be very impactful as you can see the mountains you climbed. My question is would you have done anything differently knowing how your last climb went?

    1. Hi!
      I don’t think I would’ve done anything different. I would’ve kept climbing and reaching towards higher goals and heights. I don’t think I would’ve felt like I was living if I wasn’t climbing like I was.

  5. Hi! Wow your learning centre is amazing! I loved all the photos and reading the detailed information! Really, really cool! I was wondering whether there was one mountain you enjoyed climbing the most?

    1. Thankyou so much!
      One of my favourite climbs was probably Mount Robson. That mountain is so huge and imposing and really embodied the feeling I got when climbing. I remember being in awe when driving up to the trailhead, it was an amazing feeling.

  6. Hey Marc-Andre! You’re a cool person and great at talking about yourself in an engaging way! You also seem extremely humble! How do you think that that character trait served you in your rise to eminence/ability in your climbing?

    1. Thankyou!
      I wouldn’t call myself humble per say, though thankyou! I simply just don’t really care for the media and the fame associated with it. I think partly this has let me focus more on the adventure I have when climbing and in turn makes me more happy. I’ve been able to focus on reaching doing what I love and improving my skills. I don’t have the stress of thinking about competitions or media coverage.

  7. Hello Kalayla,
    Your Learning Center was great. It was very informative, and extremally interesting to read.
    I also like your website it is very good. It is organized well I could find everything in neat tabs which made it easier to read. If there was one climb, one adventure, or one trip what trip would that be?

    1. Hi Mark!
      I think that if I were to go on one adventure, it would be Mt. Robson. When I was climbing the North face of the mountain I remember being in awe of the sheer power it holds. In that moment I really realized the importance and reasoning behind my passion for mountaineering

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