In-Depth Post #2 – How To Have A Beautiful Mind

During the last couple weeks, I have spent most of my time practicing. I found a tutorial online that many people find helpful, so I tried that out for a while. I have tried to obtain a better understanding of commands and what they do, and I am starting to understand a few certain commands from memory. I am still learning how to put code together, and how it all works when put together, but I think that will be something interesting to find out. We have been constantly communicating and she is super kind and I am so glad that I have such an amazing person to work with for this project. Since she was having some troubles completing her criminal record check, I sent her a few questions so we could still be making progress with the project. When she answered back, she had some great suggestions. This is where I got to apply the skills mentioned in How To Have a Beautiful Life. She suggested that I use some online tutorials, however I had already tried the one she mentioned, so I was not feeling like it would be helpful, because it didn’t help me before. I was able to communicate these feelings in a way that was non-hostile, and understandable. She also remained in a non-angry mood so we were able to resolve this disagreement peacefully and without argument. This I think is an important thing to be able to do because if a mentor and a mentee cannot ‘politely disagree’ on something, it will be a very challenging ask to work together for five months. She suggested that I try a different strategy, but use the same website, and to give it a chance, because a lot of people found it helpful. I have started to do what she said, and I am finding it way more informative than the first time I tried it. I think for me I need to still be able to advocate for myself if I see a problem or I disagree with something, I need to remember that my mentor is a trained professional who does this everyday and has done it everyday for over ten years. Because of that I am very open to what she says and I do agree with a lot of it, even if I don’t fully understand it yet, because that is part of learning new things. And plus, if I act like I already knew everything, there would be nothing to agree or disagree on, and I would just look stupid because she obviously knows more than me. That’s why I think it’s important to know who the professional is in this situation. I think my goal for next week is to spend more time and prioritize it better so I have free time as well as enough to do an appropriate amount of work.

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