In-Depth Blog Post #4

Hello friends! Welcome to my 4th in-depth blog post. I am first going to do a quick little progress report, and then I will talk about the chapters of how to have a beautiful mind.


Progress Report

Since my last blog post, I would say that I have greatly progressed in my programming skills. Now that I have learned a variety of skills in JavaScript, I have started to dabble in Java, as that is what Minecraft is coded in. I have now installed Intellij IDEA and I am learning how to navigate around the program. I have now learned how to transfer a mod from Intellij to Minecraft, and have done it with the base of the mod I am making, just to check that it works. Now that I have that working, I am able to get fully started on the mod.

Mentor Update

My mentor has been very busy lately, as she is pregnant and with a toddler already. However since I obviously have been trying not to pressure her, I am asking my dad a lot of questions as well since he is also a programmer, and has been for quite some time (my mentor is actually his employee.) Both my dad and my mentor have been more than helpful and are able to clearly explain things in a way that I can understand.

How to Have a Beautiful Mind

The beautiful mind chapters I focused on this blog post are chapters 6 and 7. These chapters focus on how to listen and how to ask questions.

In relation to these topics, I asked my dad these questions for discussion

“In your current role, how have you noticed that active listening is helpful, and how have you noticed that in-active listening is unhelpful?”

You can check out his answer here


My goals at the moment are just to keep progressing in skills that I am learning in Java language. I would also like to further investigate what really goes into making a mod for Minecraft. This way I can let my brain compute some things and maybe try some very basic modding like making a sword and custom blocks.

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