In-Depth Post #5

Hello friends! Welcome to my 5th in-depth blog post. I am going to be talking about a few things today, but mainly my progress, as well as the how to have a beautiful mind chapters.


Progress Report: 

I think I made more progress recently than ever before. I had a call with my mentor on the weekend, and I talked with her about some of the terminology that I was having trouble fully understanding. The two terms that we talked about were objects and methods. I had seen these terms used in my tutorials before, but I didn’t really understand what they meant. And for me its hard to learn things to my full extent when I don’t understand the background behind them. So I asked her about what they were and she gave me an amazing explanation using the example of a birdhouse.

Here is a screenshot of her example: (sorry for the bad quality)

She just described to me what each of the things did, by using the example of what it would do if you were “coding” aka constructing a birdhouse in java.

This is a short voice clip of just some of the things we talk about.

How to have a beautiful mind Dialog


Before the next blog post I would like to work further on a texture pack with a certain theme, then learn how to incorporate it into a simple code sequence, so I could run a command and turn it into that texture pack. I am going to look more at YouTube videos because I found those really helpful.

Thank you for taking a look at my blog post! Have a good day :))

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