In-Depth 2022 Post #2

Welcome to the second post about my In-Depth project!

This week I had my first meeting with my mentor, Kayla. Kayla recently graduated from Gleneagle, and I had briefly met her before, as they are a friend of my older sister. I heard Kayla sing when she was with my sister in theatre, and when thinking of finding a mentor I thought of her. She was eager and optimistic, and more than willing to help with my In-Depth, which was so incredibly helpful.

During our meeting this week, we discussed the initial information about In-Depth, and what it would entail for both of us. She came up with an idea that I actually loved. They said that as well as mentoring me on the skills I wanted to get better at surrounding singing, she could teach me about the basics of music theory as well. They have been doing voice lessons for a very long time, and because of that, they have learned a lot about music theory. We decided that we would have meetings twice weekly, one meeting online for learning about music theory, and one meeting in person to work on vocal training!

As mentioned before, Kayla has been doing vocal training lessons for a very long time, as well as vocal choir. She was in the jazz choir in high school, as well as musical theatre for grades 10, 11, and 12. in addition to vocal experiences, Kayla dabbles in many different instruments such as alto saxophone, piano, flute, oboe, ukulele, and guitar, and they are going on to play baritone saxophone and bass guitar. Between the lessons and the instruments, Kayla knows a lot about music theory and singing in general. She has a phenomenal voice.

They say that it was a really nice experience to be able to learn all of the skills that she knows now. the community of things like choir or musical theatre are very supportive and a very tightly knit community. that is something that she says she admires and enjoys a lot about it. So far, even though it has only been an initial meeting, I learned that the musical community is something that I think I would definitely like to get into, not only for the singing aspect but for the community aspect that I mentioned above. We scheduled our next two meetings, and what we are going to talk about with those meetings. She gave me some “homework” to work on for before our next meeting. They said I should listen to the three songs that I have chosen, and think about parts that would be challenging, or which song I would like to work on first, which is exactly what I am going to do.


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