Some of my hobbies/interests are:

  • singing
  • multimedia art
  • listening to and creating music
  • learning instruments
  • hanging out with friends and family

I like to use YouTube to find some information quickly, any time I need to. I also enjoy the recipes posted on the tasty website, because I can find new and interesting recipes whenever I want.


Two Pictures

1.Theo and Nori in front of the purple flowers. They are brother and sister, from different litters and are both a mix of Sarplaninac, Caucasian and Great Pyrenees. They are really big and love to cuddle. They seem very scary, but they are just big sweethearts.

2. Louis is an adult we adopted from the Coquitlam Animal centre 8 years ago. He is very affectionate and loves to steal your seat on the couch. He likes to act like the boss of the pets at home, but as soon as he meets someone at the vet he gets very shy.





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