In-Depth Post #6

            It has been a few weeks since my last blog post. Over these few weeks, I have begun to work on a 3D adventure game in Unity. This project is quite different compared to the games that I had created in the past. The games that I created in the past had simpler graphics, and much required much less use of 3D physics. This game will utilize more complex visual elements, as well as more complex game mechanics.

So far, I have researched about the Terrain System in Unity and practiced using it. The Terrain System is a built-in tool in Unity and is extremely useful for creating interesting and realistic landscapes. I first began with creating a mountain landscape to practice using the various tools within the Terrain System. I really enjoyed this process and had plenty of fun practicing creating a landscape. Through sculpting these landscapes, I realized that I like to be creative and imaginative. In addition, I also watched some videos on YouTube on how to enhance the graphics of the scene by using Post-Processing.

Although it was slightly difficult at first to get a grasp at all the different tools in the Terrain System, I was able to overcome this challenge by staying determined. I watched a lot of videos online to learn more about using the tools and spent a lot of time practicing creating landscapes. In the end, I learned many tips and tricks and became much more familiar with using the Terrain System.

A screenshot of my first terrain made with Unity’s Terrain System.


I am currently working on creating an island in Unity. I will be using this island as the setting of my adventure game.

A screenshot of the island that I am currently working on.


My meetings with my mentor, Mr. Linburg, have gone well. We have stayed consistent with our communication, talking through email once every week. During the meetings, I updated my progress with my mentor, and we would discuss a plan for the next week. Mr. Linburg would also provide me with resources that I could look into, such as how to import Blender assets into Unity. Mr. Linburg has been an awesome mentor. Although he is very busy, he is always supporting my learning and passion.

On In-Depth night, to demonstrate what I have learned, I plan to have a playable game that guests can play. To do this, I will upload my adventure game online and insert it directly into the post. I will also have some notes on my post to explain briefly about the things that I have learned, and how I applied them to my game. Hopefully, the guests will have fun playing the game!


Overall, I have made a lot of progress during the past few weeks. Through this project, I have learned more about developing games and about myself. I have also discovered my creativity and imagination by creating various landscapes and other visuals such as a treasure chest. Over the next few weeks, I will continue to work on my adventure game. I will be working on the terrain, adding different game mechanics, as well as import some game assets that I have created in Blender. I am very excited to see how the game turns out!




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