Welcome to my in-depth presentation. Over the past few months, I have been learning to play the piano.

When I first began, I had no prior knowledge of playing the piano. I was always interested in learning the piano in the past, but I always would not know where to start. Over the past few months, I delved into learning the piano and I practiced many valuable skills such as fingering, dynamics, and note-reading.

Below is a video of myself playing 3 different songs that I have learned throughout my journey on my electric keyboard.

The first song is Minuet in G, a well-known piece of classical music. This was the first song that I learned. It was relatively simple, yet it helped me practice my hand coordination and note-reading greatly.

The second song is Legend by Toby Fox. This is a song from an Indie video game called Deltarune. This was one of the most challenging songs that I learned, as it had many tricky fingerings for me.

The final song is Kataware Doki. This was a song that my mentor suggested I learn. I focused on dynamics while practicing through this piece.

I hope you have fun listening to the songs!


I hope you enjoyed the music. Over the course of in-depth, I have learned a lot about playing the piano. When I first began, I had almost no experience or knowledge on the topic. I have learned so much, and there is still so much for me to learn… The journey has just begun.


I would like to thank my mentor, Aubrey, for providing me support and encouragement throughout the entire project. Even during these difficult times, Aubrey was willing to spend his time mentoring me. Without his guidance, I would not have been able to come this far. I would also like to thank you for checking out my in-depth presentation! Feel free to leave a comment or ask any questions.


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30 thoughts on “______In-Depth_Night______

  1. Not an easy set of songs to learn in five months. Will you continue to play the keyboard/piano? What did you enjoy the most during the project? Why?

    • Thank you Ms. Mulder! I plan on continuing to play the piano in the future and learn some new songs. One aspect of the project that I really enjoyed was hearing the music come together after combning the left hand with my right hand. I usually begin practicing a section by playing only with the right/left hand, and I would then combine the hands together. I was cool hearing the notes come together to sound like the real song.

  2. Really cool, Mike! You play beautifully. What was the most difficult part of learning piano?

    • Thanks so much Indah! I would say the most difficult part of learning the piano for me was learning to read the notes at the beginning. There were so many components to remember, and there were two different clefs(bass and treble). Eventually after I practiced more and picked up tips on remember notes, it became much easier 🙂

  3. Great music! What did you find most rewarding outside of simply learning the skill? Any memorable experiences or interesting stories?

    • Thanks David! I think it was very rewarding for me to hear the music come to life after practicing for a long time. At first, I had to practice different sections separately and practice each section at a different tempo. After practicing, I was able to play the entire song together, which felt really rewarding.

  4. Hi Mike, Ms. Dissegna here! Wow – I am so impressed. I could listen to your piano music all evening! Question: care you able to read music now or did you memorize the song? And, for the piece your mentor suggested…why was that piece (in particular) suggested? (Other than the fact it is lovely!). I’d also love to know if you plan to keep up with piano:) I’d also love to know what the most challenging and most rewarding part of this process was.

    Well done!

    • Thank you Ms. Dissegna! I’m glad you enjoyed the songs. I learned each song by reading the sheet music and working through the fingerings with my mentor. After practicing for a while, I was able to memorize the songs.
      My mentor recommended me to learn that song because he believed that I would be able my dynamics, and he likes the song.
      Some of the most challenging and rewarding part of this process was learning to read notes at the start, and being able to play through an entire song after practicing for a long time.

  5. Wow Mike! This is super good! I am also learning an instrument for In-depth, so I know how hard it is to learn songs. You made so much progress over the past couple months! Are you going to continue learning the piano/keyboard in the future?

    • Thanks a lot Ben! I plan on continuing to practice the piano and causually learning more songs in the future.

  6. Playing piano with two hands is super tough, so major respect! Awesome In-Depth project!

  7. I’m genuinely so impressed by the fact that you managed to get so good at the piano in such a short amount of time! I know first hand how much time and commitment it takes to learn piano. Amazing job! (I also really loved Legend. It’s such a good song)

  8. Devon swears that it’s you playing because Aubrey doesn’t wear track pants. Your playing is phenomenal for only five months. I would have loved to have heard you on a Piano. Keep up your musical talents.

  9. Mike, your playing is amazing, especially for only learning for a few months! Are there any songs in particular that you are interested in learning next?

    • Thanks Grace! I don’t have any particular songs in mind to learn next, but I definitely have some ideas 🙂

  10. Nice work Mike! Flexing those creative muscles! You and Grace L can jam now 🙂 How often did you need to practice to get to that level? You guys both skyrocketed in such a short period of time! Impressive

    • Thanks Mr. Salisbury! I tried to practice for at least 10 minutes a day when I’m busy, but I would spend much more time during the weekends to practice techniques and the songs. I think practicing consistently definitely helped with my learning.

  11. Impressive progress, Mike! You seem to have the long fingers for it! Do you have any musical background prior? What amazing growth in 5 short months!

    • Thank you so much! I have been playing the drums for a very long time, and I can play a little bit of the guitar. I think having some background knowledge in music definitely helped me with my piano learning progress.