In-Depth Final Blog Post

Hello and welcome to my in-depth! The topic I chose this year was Portrait photography. Here is a little background knowledge before you start. I have done photography before, but more on the plants and landscape side of it. I wanted to challenge myself and try portrait photography this year. As well as the kind of photography I did have as much experience with the different camera settings. Before this year, I would always have my camera on AV (Aperture focused). This year I learned how to use my camera in full manual mode and it really helped with my photos. Thank you Mr. Ross for being my mentor this year I have learned a lot and had a lot of fun!

Anyways, thank you for choosing to come to my In-depth project! Down below are two links. The first link is where I show my journey and what I have learned. The second link is a site I made that shows some of my best photos this year. I also added some of my plant photography I had taken on my own time. If you would like you can look at my older blog posts to see me grow on my journey!


My Journey


My Best Photos


Thanks again and feel free to ask any questions!