What are your thoughts on hybrid learning (in person and at home) compared to when you are in your learning groups (at school for all classes). Which format do you prefer, and why?

I personally loved the quarter system. I felt that I was less stressed about my classes and did not have to feel worried all the time. It also gave me time to work on myself and get things done faster. I have found in the past and now that I have a harder time doing my work in class because I get distracted by people. I found that the hybrid learning gave me more of an opportunity to work at home and get my work done in a more efficient way. I did also like the learning groups. However, I found that 2 hours of the same subject every day felt a little much. So overall, I think I liked the hybrid portion of the quarter system.


How has technology benefitted you during the hybrid learning experience?

I think that technology has really benefitted me by allowing me a way to communicate with peers and teachers. I was able to use different platforms for different reasons. I used teams to ask public questions and to hear announcements/assignments every day. I also used email to privately communicate with teachers and many other platforms to communicate with my peers. I also think that the schools’ Instagrams were really helpful in showing me what goes on every day.


How has technology impeded you during the hybrid learning experience?

It has also been a huge factor in procrastination. These days, there are so many different apps that are made and designed to be addicting. I found myself scrolling on Instagram or watching YouTube and delaying my responsibilities. When I was doing an assignment, I would sometimes get distracted and end up doing it last minute. Luckily, I have recently found out that there was a way to put time limits on your apps, which I have now put on some of the more addicting ones. Hopefully, this will really help me for next year.


Is there anything that you hope remains a part of school that was new because of hybrid learning after the pandemic is over and school returns to normal?

Since I was in grade 9 and it was my first year of high school, I do not exactly know what regular high school is like to compare. However, from what I know I would like to keep Wednesday as a reduced day. This way I have a mid-week recharge time as well as time to catch up on any homework. I think that this would really benefit everyone and help us bring our best work.


Link to 2 Projects in school /TALONS that used digital technology and explain how the use of that digital technology enhanced your project. Ideas include In-Depth, Eminent, Zip, individual class projects in Talons or other subjects…

I would say that technology-enhanced my In-Depth project and my Zip project. My In-Depth project was portrait photography. In this project, I used my laptop to store the files and to edit the photos as well. I learned how to use photoshop and I also used Lightroom, which I can only do on my laptop. As for my Zip project, I did it on songwriting. I needed to use my laptop for the research of course as well as my presentation. I used an online software called Canva to make my PowerPoint-like presentation have personality and keep people’s attention. I do use technology in a lot of projects, and I am very thankful for it!