Blog Post Comment Reflection


When reading the five people’s blogs in my group, I was able to learn not just about the people who they believe are eminent, but also about themselves as well. For example, Rian chose Ruth Bader Ginsburg who was very involved in gender rights for women. This woman had to have a great amount of perseverance and determination in her to get equal rights. Rian had a great personal connection to her because of her perseverance and determination in everyday life. Matthias was also another great example of his personal connection to his eminent person. He connected his attention to detail from soccer refereeing to Sir Ludwig Guttman’s attention to detail he used all the time. All the blogs I got to read were quite well done and it made the process very enjoyable. I also think that the process of looking at my peers’ blogs will help me going forward because it allows me to connect what I saw in their work to my own. This will be beneficial to me because seeing what they did well can help me grow in areas I might have not done as well. Getting comments on my posts as well allows me to get feedback which is quite helpful!