In-depth Blog Post #1 – Introductory Post

What is my in-depth project?

The in-depth project I chose this year is abstract painting. During the five months, we are given for this project, I want to learn a variety of skills related to this topic. For example, I would like to learn the basics of colour theory and its relation to abstract painting. I would also like to learn about the tools and materials I use and how to make and use them to my advantage as well as many more skills. With a project like abstract painting, there are so many components put into it and with only five months I can only hope for improvement on those components.


Who is my mentor?

My mentor this year is my grandmother. She has done all kinds of painting for many years, but what she has focused on the most is abstract painting. I believe I will learn a lot from my mentor’s years of experience with this chosen topic and while I am learning with her, I will get to spend quality time with her as well.


Why did I choose this in-depth project?

I think what most influenced my decision in choosing abstract painting was my grandma. Every time I go to her house, I can create a new art project using her paints and supplies. She usually is creating an abstract piece while I am creating an art piece of my own and I have always admired her use of colours and texture. I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to learn from her and bond over this topic we both love.


When will this all take place?

I have not gone into full detail with my mentor but, I am going to try and meet with her at least once a week. This will most likely be online, with some occasional in-person meetings if I go to visit over the five months. I have made a rough timeline with everything that I would like to learn within the 5 months:

Learning about the right supplies 1st week
The basics of colour theory and working with colour 2nd / 3rd / 4th / 5th weeks and incorporating it throughout
Practice with these skills 6th / 7th weeks
Learning about textures, shapes, lines, and the importance of empty space. Also known as composition. 6th / 9th / 10th weeks
Practice with all skills learned so far. 11th / 12th weeks
Learn about the principles of art. This includes balance, contrast, emphasis, movement, pattern, rhythm, and unity/variety. 13th / 14th / 15th / 16th weeks
Practice with all skills learned so far. 17th / 18th weeks
Using other materials other than traditional supplies 19th week
Creating final project 20th / 21st weeks as well as any additional time beforehand



How am I going to pull this off?

I will be focusing on the main concepts of abstract painting. This includes basic colour theory, working with colour in general, learning about composition, (texture, shapes, lines, and empty space) the principles of art, and making my own materials and tools to create my pieces. I think the hardest part will be getting the supplies like canvases and paints because of the cost, but if I can make some of my own supplies it can lower the cost. I will hopefully be able to cover all these skills for my topic with my grandma, but if I need a little extra help, these are a few resources I can go to:

1 Internet

2 Social media accounts of abstract painters to learn tips

3 Books from the library

4 My grandma’s lessons

5 YouTube videos

6 Online tutorials and workshops

7 My grandma’s painting books


What do I still need?

I think I only need to get some supplies such as canvas and paints. I am planning on going to a supply store after I talk with my mentor about which supplies are the best, but still a good price for me. With supplies, I can also use items around my home, especially for texture. For example, napkins are a great way to show texture and they can add a pop of colour or design to a painting.


Where I can get a few tips:


Thank you for reading! 🙂