My Reflection


Due to the pandemic that has and is occuring in 2020, schooling has been confusing for all. Nothing prepared anyone for these unfortunate events and the education system had to improvise. So, since Covid has been on a decline as well as this school year coming to an end, I have reflected on the remote learning from home students nationwide have experienced.

For the most part, remote learning has not benefited much. The teachers have to make up their own schedule as the y are not ran by bell schedule. This means meeting times are controlled by teachers which may not be bad at first glance ;however, students have four teachers every semester so the teachers during remote learning have sometimes overlapped their meeting times. Another bad thing that comes with all responsibility on the teachers is that they may not have learned how to use MS Teams efficiently. Some teachers do not know that to push notifications, you must type something before your message which leads to students not getting notifications so they cannot attend meetings for teachers without a consistent schedule.

The one good thing about remote learning is that, you do not have to travel to school or carry multiple textbooks, binders, laptop, etc. over long walks or paying for the bus. However, there comes multiple consequences with having learning from home. Not everyone has a strong internet connection so those students cannot get those attendance marks.Another thing that makes learning harder is it is harder to ask teachers questions. There are 20+ people in a meeting at once so asking a question is sacrificing some other people’s time.

Since remote learning, I was able to translate my critical thinking skills to solve problems and balance all my classes. The teachers might think because the lockdown, students have more time to do schoolwork. Also during this time, I have improved my communication skills. I had to tell my teachers when there was a problem and find a way to get a response to my question.