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  1. Xylia,
    Nice presentation. It was detailed and informative. I noticed that you were talking fast and without pauses. That made it a little harder to understand. Although, having subtopics in point form helped me follow along with the pace. Naming brands with alternatives were helpful. I was able see what the price was and what they visually looked like. I wish you went into detail about some other types of bags as well. Your presentation made me more aware about plastic. I’m not able to buy plant-based bags, so I will try and use reusable bags.

    Some questions I have are, what kind of plants do you think should be used to create plant-based bags? What would be a cheaper, but also similar type of bag? Can plant-based bags be easily mass produced like plastic bags? How much stronger or weaker are plastic bags? For other biodegradable bags, are there still micro plastics?

  2. Hi Xylia, you did a great job on your presentation. I loved how you managed to keep your audio so clean throughout your presentation. I didn’t hear your voice cut out once! You spoke pretty quickly, but the pictures and key points you had on your slides helped me follow along. I also liked how you added some companies that are making plant based plastics right now. I could tell this was a topic you were passionate about just by listening to you, while you were presenting.

    I thought of a few questions while listening to your presentation. Are there any ways to remove micro plastics from our water to keep the ocean ecosystem alive? If there are, what are they? Why should we use plant based bags instead of using reusable bags? Can you think of any plants that make better bags? If yes, what plants are they and how do they make better bags?

  3. Hey Xylia! I really liked your ted talk. It had tons of helpful information and imagery; I had no idea how much plastic affected our lives, from our oceans to even our toothpaste! I liked how you provided alternate solutions from biodegradable bags to oxo-degradable bags. Personally, I think I’d use plant-based bags if they were more accessible! A question I had is, does the base of the bag (what it’s made of) affect its structure? Would plastic bags or plant-based bags be more sturdy/reliable/stronger? Does it affect how heavy the load can be?

  4. Hi Xylia, very interesting presentation! Before watching your TALON Talk I knew a bit about plastics and how they effect our ecosystems, but I had no idea that there are more microplastics in our oceans than stars in the Milky Way galaxy. You had a collection of intriguing and insightful information. It was a good idea adding links so people could look into the plastic alternatives you mentioned. One question I have is how does ingesting plastics effect our heath?
    – Makenna

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