Hi, this is my Plant talk! Hope you like it.


Plant talk.pptx



2 thoughts on “Plant talk!

  1. Hi Joanne!
    I really liked your Plant Talk! I had never thought of the effect of colour in light on plants. I liked how you used the writing/drawing feature as a tool to explain topics. I found it especially helpful when you were explaining the light wave lengths. I was wondering, Is there any way to get more of the preferred light-colours to your plant? For example if you wanted more red light for your plant, would there be a way to do that?
    – Kalayla

    1. Hi Kalayla!
      Thank you for commenting on my post. The only way to get the preferred light is just putting this actual light on it. You can buy coloured lights or even LED light strips to have a specific colour shining on the plant.

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