In-Depth Blog Post #6

Since the last blog post, I mainly have been working on my final post. I have occasionally been practicing some certain animation skills, but my main focus is my final post, as I feel it might take me quite some time to do. I have run into a few problems since the last post but wanting to finish my final project to see how much I have improved has motivated me to get through those problems.

I have also been staying in touch with my mentor and getting tips and tricks from him. Simon has continued to help me improve my animation skills and he is always there to give me feedback on my animations. He has been helping me a lot this year, so I cannot wait to show him my final project.

Since my in-depth is animation, for my final post I am creating an animation using skills I have learned throughout the year. It is quite difficult to do, and takes a lot of time to animate, but I am steadily making progress. The drawings in my animation are also not the greatest, as I am not very good at drawing, but in the end my in-depth is animation not drawing. I am taking a lot of risks in my final animation; I am trying skills and using ideas I have never tried before. I am going to continue to work hard on my final animation, and I can’t wait for all of you to see what I have done.

No matter how good or bad my final animation is, I will be proud of myself for trying my best and for all my improvement throughout the year.

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