CLE Interview

For this interview, I decided to speak to my dad who is a director of marketing. I decide to interview him, as I have always considered going into the field of business, and perhaps I could learn more about the field by asking him some questions.

The first piece of advice I received from him was to pick a job you are interested in. I figured this out when asking him why he decided to go into business. He said because he was always interested in economics and that he liked that in his field he felt like he was making an impact on the company. He also told me that when thinking of a job you want to do, think of a field rather than having your mind set on a specific job.

Another piece of advice was about University and high school. He recommended it is good to take a class about economics in high school to learn how the economy works and such. He also said to learn about people’s values, wants, and needs, as these are important topics in marketing. Additionally, he said in University, the main purpose is to get a higher level of thinking, rather than to prepare you for a specific job.

Finally, he gave me insight into how having a job in marketing is like. Skills you need to have are you need to be willing to lead, willing to expand and grow skills, and most of all be flexible. This is because in marketing there are many changing ideas in the world and in companies, so you need to be able to adapt. He also said it is not the most secure job, as it a very competitive field, but on the other hand it is exciting, you can make an impact on the company, and you can work with many people. Therefore, if you like these things, which I do, going into a job in marketing might be something for you.

Overall, I learned a lot through the interview. It is important you enjoy your job, and that when deciding what you want to do, decide on a field rather than having your mind set on a specific job. Through this experience, I am still interested in going into a job in the business field.

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