Core Competency Activity 1


1. During Quarter 1, what went well for you?

  • I kept up with my homework (no assignments were handed in late).
  • I like having only 2 courses, as I didn’t have too many different courses/assignments I had to do at the same time.
  • It was good to see my classmates again.
  • I learned much better this quarter than when we had online school. Learning online was very difficult for me.
  • I became more confident with my speaking ability in presentations and such.

2. During Quarter 1, what did you find challenging or disappointing or stressful? Explain.

  • I found not procrastinating challenging. Although I got my work done on time, it was usually last minute and not done efficiently because I procrastinated.
  • It was a bit stressful and challenging to figure out the alterations due to COVID-19.
  • Also, balancing school work and having enough time for myself, and keeping up my mental-health was challenging, but I think I figured it out.

3. Think of ONE thing you really want to improve in Quarter 2 (and Q 3&4). 

In quarter 2, I really want to improve on my time management and not procrastinating. Last quarter I had English and Spanish, which was not too difficult, but this quarter I have science and math, which is a lot more difficult. I am going to need to stay on top of my homework, so I don’t get overwhelmed. To do so I need to make sure I manage my time well.

4. What are two specific actions that you can start doing every day to get closer to your goal? How long will you spend on this action each day? What part of the day?

a. I am going to do my work as soon as I get it, rather than waiting for the last minute. I don’t want to have to do all my homework during the last few days, so I am going to work on things right away. I will do it after school, for a bit each day, rather than a lot on a weekend.

b. I will create a checklist to make sure I know all the work I have, so I don’t fall behind on anything. As soon as I get the work, I will write it down and then work on it after school.

5. If you experience challenges, what might you do to work through them?

If I experience challenges, I will take a break. I have discovered this works very well for me. When I am very inefficient and I am not getting my work done, I will take a small break, and then get back to work after.

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