TALONS DL#3: Parts of a Cell PowerPoint Slide

Parts of a Cell PowerPoint Slide

Unfortunately, the PowerPoint was deleted, but I have included a drawing of an animal cell that I created for my slides.

As an introduction to our biology unit, our class collaborated together and created a PowerPoint.  Each of us were responsible for researching a different part of the cell, and presenting our slide of the presentation with a one-minute speech.  The cell organelle I was assigned to was peroxisomes.  


Digital Literacy Criteria Met:


  • I use digital spaces to plan and execute collaborative projects with my peers (Communication and Collaboration 1)


Because the whole class was collaborating to make a PowerPoint presentation, it was important that we had some communication since some of the cell parts we were discussing were connected to each other.  We all communicated properly, and there wasn’t too much repeated information. In addition, we had to make sure to tell each other if we were changing the theme of our presentation, as if one person changed their slide’s theme, it would change everyone else’s slides.  Although we had some mishaps with theme changes at the beginning of the assignment, we ended up fixing any problems that arose.  



  • I enhance the impact of my research or presentation through creative use of technology (Creativity, Innovation, Technology Operations and Concepts 5)


For the slides I was responsible for, I added my own flair and style as much as I could without changing the PowerPoint’s theme.  I did this by using the “Designer” feature on PowerPoint, since this would alter my slide without changing anyone else’s slides as well.  In addition, I picked fonts that I liked and arranged any diagrams I included to provide emphasis on key ideas I would cover. In addition, I used Paint 3D on my computer to draw a diagram of an animal cell for my presentation as I couldn’t find one online that included my organelle. 

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