In Depth Post #6

Progress Report:

In these past few weeks, I have finally finished my toque project! I learned the necessary skills to knit the last few rows, learning how to knit stitches together and decrease the row. I also did something new to me, using a tapestry needle to weave the two sides together into the hat shape. This was quite a bit different than everything else I did, as it was more sewing than knitting. It did take a little while, but it wasn’t as difficult as I imagined, and I was done before I knew it. The final step was to make a pom-pom for the top out of the darker yarn colour. I have made pom-poms before, so this was a fun and simple topper that really tied the whole project together. I just had to stitch the pom-pom on a bit, and then I was finished! Once I was done with my hat, I started looking at yarn colours for the bathing suit top I wanted to do. I haven’t actually started this project yet, but I probably will very soon, as I want to get it finished to show to parents on In-Depth night.


In-Depth Night:

My original idea for a final In-Depth presentation was to make a comprehensive how-to video knitting a scarf or hat and include information about what I learned, my mentor, and more. However, I now realize that format would be much too long to show on stage at In-Depth Night, so I decided to go for a more simple and interactive table display. I want people to actually see me knitting and get a sense of it, so as part of my presentation I am going to do some work on my current project, either knitting while I’m talking, or showing them more carefully at the end. I also want to show them what I have learned in other ways. I will bring all the projects I have completed so far and lay them out for people to look at. When people come around, I can also give them a brief introduction to my topic, telling them some things I struggled with or did well with, and showing them some physical elements I learned about, like patterns, needles, and yarn. I don’t want to talk too much, so the information on strengths, weaknesses, etc., will not be the main focus, the main part will be more on the objects and my knitting. I was also thinking, that if there was some time or if the parents would be interested, I could use some extra needles to let them try out a few stitches. This may not end up working out because of the brief amount of time people spend at each station, and because of sanitary issues, but I thought it could be a nice idea.

Overall, I just want my presentation to be very physical, interactive, and simple. I hope to see you all there!